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Here we say what is occuring within the security industry and in particular technological tools which are here and those coming up upstream. We are adamant that technology has a lot to provide the industry especially with the advent of smart chip and its implication with the so called "internet of thingss". Almost all house gadgets are now susceptible or amenable to this recent innovation. It is our intention to leverage this technology in performing our operations.

Smart Home Devices

Torome Emanu 17th Feb 2018 10:55:53 in

Sometimes it can be too much work to get off the sofa, slob over to the wall switch and turn the lights down, can’t it? In which case, smart home gadgets are for you. A smart thermostat means you can turn the heating on before you get home, smart speakers can play music when you talk to them and a smart camera can alert you when there’s an intruder – or even feed your dog for you.


Modern House Gadget

Torome Emanu 12th Jan 2018 21:00:00 in

Using motion detectors as sensors allow a home automation system to make specific events happen automatically. Motion detectors can trigger a light to come on automatically, a camera to begin recording, or an alarm to sound.

Home Security

Torome Emanu 19th Oct 2017 20:05:19 in

Whether you are renting or owning a house, as long as you live in it, you would need to be safe. Insurance can get you covered after the incident has occurred.

Biometric Wallet

Torome Emanu 15th Sep 2017 15:46:56 in

One way to keep your wallet safe is ensuring that no-one else can get to the contents of it - that's the idea behind the iWallet.